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IMG_20190406_125226Since last I wrote and three of you read, I’ve dealt with that sudden slap-to-the-face of reality.

I tried parking in Israel with family and friends to write the book but the ongoing conflict and occupation wasn’t the peace and quiet needed for reflection.

Mentally: past traumas rose from their suppressed hiding corners of Brain’s memory.

Emotionally: the partner at the time had really pushed me into a mirror and had much needed self-work.

Physically: Spine did not enjoy carrying 30 kilos for three years.


Flinders St Station, Melbourne

After a year in India, the relationship with the ex blew up like the Middle East (honesty was not her best policy) and I returned at the beginning of 2018 to where it all began – Melbourne, Australia. I reunited with family and friends and searched a way to adhere to a moneyless lifestyle while avoiding ‘The System’.

I house-sat for an amazing family living in India who had a summer home in the small coastal town of Airey’s Inlet in winter – my first in five years. 14 layers, a beard, a pair of UGG boots, a tattoo, hot-water bottle (there’s a reason why it’s called a summer home) and six months later, I emerged from the pad of isolation and self-reflection with a thousand-page manuscript, having been introduced to Men’s work and self-healing via emailing back and forth with a therapist in Israel.


The Bedouin Dancehall Beat

I purchased a van – The Bedouin Dancehall Beat – lived in it around Lorne during summer. Surfed, worked in property maintenance with a legend of a man who let me camp on his farm where kangaroos would rouse me to rise with the sun. Gigged Lorne’s Christmas party with one-off band – This One Time – and tried my mouth at some stand-up comedy. Tried dating apps and ended up collecting material for said stand-up bit (‘Netflix and chill’ means sex? Who knew).

Love did find its way into my broken heart and began to heal it. Rony is raw, pure honesty, intelligent and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Now we head off on a huge joint-adventure: a long temporary return to Israel including working and living throughout the entire summer, leading up to another election bout in September.


David Ben Gurion

We’ll be staying with her amazing parents in the small town of Ganei Tikva, about 7 K’s south of Tel Aviv. I’ll be teaching local kids on summer camps how to surf and respect the water and teach tourists how to drown in the evenings to a beautiful sunset.

We’ll be exploring – with Animal – around the Holy Land as much as we can, playing music, doing comedy and reporting to the three of you that still read these Nomadic Diaries with pictures, videos and weekly 500-word articles (seems I get carried away with my writing). And even an Instagram page (oi vey).

IMG_20190406_125738Unconventionally flying on June 16th from Melbourne with three days in Zurich, Switzerland, to break the jet-lag, we land in Tel Aviv on June 20th and begin the new adventures under the title of Stam Ba Yam, in Hebrew meaning, Just by the sea.

In the words of the great Jake the Dog and Finn the Human: “It’s Adventure Time!”

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