Any questions on how to travel on the minimum, how to get by without using money and NOT freeloading, how to hitch ‘n’ hike, how to find a boat to bum a ride on, how to volunteer or just to say ‘hi’, hit me up below.


8 thoughts on “CONTACT THE NOMAD

  1. Hey Gaby,

    Thanks for the sentiments. I’m fine. One less pack to carry. I’m in Zambia. Enjoy catching up on the stories.

  2. Adolfo Cisneros

    Hey Simon, long time no see, man do I have to catch up on all the new stories and also I don’t really now where you are! I saw on facebook ,someone stole your backpack and ANIMAL, I feel so sorry for you, although I didn’t see him I still loved him so I hope you feel beter soon


  3. Adolfo Cisneros


  4. Adolfo Cisneros

    Hey Simon, love your story about the sand boarding, that picture of you taking the ramp is AWESOME! And I wanted to know after Namibia, where are you off to?

  5. Adolfo Cisneros

    Sorry Simon, I am Gabby from the sand boarding, i forgot to ask you while we were there for your surname hahahahahaha hope you dont mind

    • Hey Gabby,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoy the stories. It was great to meet you and your family.


      The Nomadic Writer

  6. Adolfo Cisneros

    Hey Simon,you have such cool stories keep it up

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