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20191224_175110[1]Memories are created the moment you open your eyes. When there’s a place to stay called Memo, you’re pretty much guaranteed a memorable experience. Situated just off the train tracks in Kabalana, Southern Sri Lanka, you can check the swell forecast from the rooftop where you can see the waves. The spectacular sunsets are a lovely added bonus.

But when it comes to sustaining yourself after a long day of surfing, or to celebrate a holiday like Christmas, Memo had something prepared that we weren’t ready for.

20191224_175553[1]The Christmas dinner special consisted of all the entrees (5), a choice from three mains and a choice of dessert out of three with a glass of sangria. Add in the free shots of a sweet concoction every time a train rolled by, and you’re set for a night of absolute bliss.

Rony and I devoured the entrees, each one presented better than the previous one. We’ll start from the top:

The Homemade Focaccia
This soft bread with a crusty exterior was baked to perfection. Dipped in the tomato salsa or olive oil and balsamic, it woke up our taste buds to stand at attention.

Beetroot Salad
The beetroot was served as a tartar with quinoa, shallots, parsley, mint and balsamic. Adding to the Sri Lankan vibe was the accompanying papadam.


Tropical Ceviche
This was heaven for the tongue. White fish, mint, coriander, green beans, soy sauce, seasame oil and shallots. Dipping the focaccia into the sauce was genius at best.

Greek Cauliflower
Fried Cauliflower with a green leaf mix, red onion and lemon yogurt. I left this exquisite salad for last cause you always want to save the best for last.

When it came to the mains, between the chicken, fish and vegetable curry, we went for one chicken satay which was absolutely sensational and the fish. Both served with the softest, creamiest of mashed potatoes.20191224_204404[1]

Then we had dessert. I love Malabi, a coconut pudding crumble topped with rose water syrup so how could I pass on the opportunity to have one of the best ever made and in Sri Lanka of all places?!? (It’s a Middle Eastern desert). We also took in the chocolate souffle served with vanilla ice cream. A lovely, gooey chocolate dish that plugged up the last air pocket in our stomachs.

20191224_193410[1]Washing it all down with sangria, it has been one of the best Christmas dinners I’ve ever had. And I don’t even celebrate Christmas! But I do celebrate food. And at Memo’s, it is worth celebrating. It was so good that we hugged the owners, hugged the chef and then left to pass out from eating too much.

If Christmas were like this every year, I’d get into it.

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