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Been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m still on a break. Recovering from various emotional states and the such. During the last few months I’ve been focusing on my role as a male representative of the human species and realising all the conditioning and bullshit I was fed as a boy on what it is to be a real man has been just that – bullshit.

I’ve joined up with The Good Men Project and aside from these awesome folk re-publishing my adventures, I’ve been writing for them about love, relationships and what it is be a real man in this day and age (things you learn while travelling long-term) – having respect, having manners, resurrecting chivulary but more importantly – about being allowed to have emotions, feelings and crying and owning them without shame.

Taking responsibility for actions that have caused pain and hurt to others simply because I was conditioned via the actions of men around me, various TV shows and movies and books  on what a man is supposed to be like in society’s blind eyes.

Cause, believe it or not, men feel as well.

Anyway, I wrote a poem about Love, my first to be published. Enjoy.


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