Managed by Davis, a friendly, out-going young kid, the Canaan International Hotel is a warm and welcoming place in the heart of the small city of Adigrat, in Ethiopia’s Tigray state, just over a thousand kilometers from Addis Ababa.

I had arrived late in the evening and was desperate for a shower and a bed.The hotel is, I think, the largest building in Adigrat and has a large lobby\restaurant entrance. The outside is all glass.

Davis, the dreadlocked manager, instructed the bell-boy to take me to room 203 where I was presented with a large bed, a bathroom with hot water and a view of the main street of Adigrat. I was too tired to head back down for dinner but I took a shower and washed the long day on the road off of me and lay in the comfortable bed, dozing off watching a movie on my laptop.

In the morning I showered again and packed my gear, heading down for breakfast – an omelette with veggies and meat and four slices of bread with jam. I washed it down with some tea before I thanked the staff who gave me directions to reach the road to Axum and headed out with renewed energy for the long day ahead.

If you’re going to Adigrat, Canaan International Hotel is the place to stay.

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