Photo courtesy of Hotel Horizon

“You will be safe there,” Kamau pointed to Hotel Comfy just off the main street of Eldoret. Thanking them for the slowest ride I’ve ever experienced, I went in to suss out my chances of bartering a bed and dinner for the night.

“I am not authorised,” said Nelson behind the reception desk after hanging up with the manager who had left. “But you can try at Hotel Horizon.”

He gave me directions and I walked back to the highway, took the first right then the first left and entered the seven storey building. I was greeted by Hilda, one of the friendliest and kindest people I’ve come across on this journey of mine.

“I have a great aunt called Hilda,” I grinned as I explained my ways and showed her and Godfrey my website and pages to prove that the numbers I was telling them were no lies.

“We will provide you with a room, dinner and if you can, play some music at the bar on the mizzen floor.”

I had a feeling she’d say yes. There was good energy in this hotel. I was escorted by Godfrey to the elevator and was dropped off the first floor, one floor above the bar. My room, 109, was opened by the bell boy and I walked into a double bedder and private shower.

The room had a small flat screen TV, ample cupboard space and a large window overlooking the hotel next door.

I headed to the bar with my guitar and set up in the corner. The bar was lit in a neon blue light. There were a few guests and I began to jam some tunes to the crowd’s pleasure (I hope. It was too dark to tell if anyone was disappointed).

After my set I headed down to the restaurant set on the ground floor with an open kitchen and a warm atmosphere. I was attended with pure warmth and friendliness by the staff and had a dinner of creamy mushroom soup followed by a lemon and mint roast chicken with a side of roasted potatoes (reason why there’s no photo was that I was too hungry after surviving on digestive biscuits and carrots on the truck to Eldoret). A massive and very satisfying serving.

I was introduced to Chris and Suzie, relatives by marriage of Hilda’s. Chris is an Australian so it was an obligation to have a beer with him at the bar. We conversed well past midnight when I retired to bed and had one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

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