The manager looked at us quizzically after I explained my bartering ways. She took in the information and within a few moments said, “You can stay two nights,” in exchange for a written review.

Rite’s Inn is a peppermint-green building. Although it lacks a garden it makes up for it with a swimming pool and bar (complete with conversational bar tender). It’s located in the quieter northern neck of Livingstone. It’ll only take you 10 minutes to walk to the center of town to stock the bar fridge in your room with the essentials: local Mosi beer (pronounced ‘Mozzie’), a few more beers and then on top of that an extra beer or two.

To avoid the pounding heat of the day – “And this is just their winter,” Hope would say every time I’d remark on the day’s temperature – we opted to use the ceiling fan rather than the provided air conditioner (although it sounded like the room was about to take off into the stratosphere when switched on).

On the wall, opposite the huge bed that could sleep a whole village, a flat screen TV provided us with movie nights which I would screen off my USB stick. Although we had valuables we didn’t use the safe on the wall.

The writing desk came with a coffee-tea station next to the sitting area where two armchairs waited to be sat in.

If you want to stay in a quieter area of Livingstone, Rite’s Inn is your place-to-be with budget prices and friendly staff.

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