Now wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute here. Society wants me to study to get a job to have a career to chase a piece of paper with a number on it to buy a house to settle down to create a family to rinse and repeat?


Or I could just hitch hike my way around the world without flying, bartering for food and board and adventures and really live the moment for the rest of my physically able days.

The Rules

  • No flying (unless an emergency arises)
  • Spending the duration of the visa I get in each country (unless war\viral disease breaks out or a girl becomes obsessive)
  • Volunteering with conservation efforts where I’m accepted on barter
  • Different beard\sideburns style for every continent\region
  • Expect nothing, always get something

The Nomadic Diaries is a platform created to share my experiences as I barter, exchanging what little skills I have, including playing the guitar and singing (although, what I call singing most people call, ‘Shut up!’) for food, shelter and passage; volunteering where I can with conservation efforts and local communities.

There is no time limit; there are no restrictions (besides flying). There’s not much planning either.

Read up on my adventures (click on the Archives to your right. Your other right. Or any of the pages up top) as I make mistakes (and probably won’t learn from them) and do things that I’ve only ever dreamed of (and some that I’ve never dreamed of).

Life is one shot. No more, no less. Go live it.



4 thoughts on “GONE NOMADIC

  1. Numerous people will be benefiting from your writing because they are excellent.

  2. Hotel Horizon

    How are we to send you our logo?

  3. We will be back to read some more of you stories :)

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